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Terra Grosso Application

Notes tips and tricks to help maximize the greatest results from the Terra Grosso application.

Step 1:

Proceed with a first coat of product for application making sure to cover all the surface and at the depth of the product itself. This will have a totally different feel to it from all of our other finishes due to the large size of the grain (.7mm).

This first coat we recommend that you color the same as the final coat to avoid any White showing through.

Always work from left to right and top to bottom as you progress across the surface to be covered.

Allow fully to dry overnight.

Tips Step 2:

Following the same pattern as before proceed to apply second and final coat. In most instances it is best to have two applicators working a surface unless it is sufficiently small enough to manage by oneself.

Applicators will complete enough surface so that one can carry on across the surface and the other can fall back and begin to sponge float the surface and do the knock-down process with a clean steel trowel.

Allow this coat to fully dry overnight before applying any wax.

Step 2:

Apply a coating of either Liquid Beeswax or other wax specified for special applications like exterior of water areas.

Please also see Terra Grosso finish.

Important Information - Please Note

Please note that we no longer provide Venetian stucco products or finishes to the general public due to a very busy schedule with our own work. We will however continue to supply to our existing customers and clients from our Venetian Stucco New York depot.

Booklets of a selection of our popular samples are available to Architects and Interior Designers upon request.