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Terra Fina Application

Our notes tips and tricks to help maximize the end results for the Terra Fina application.

Step 1:

Apply first coat of colored product again making sure to apply quite liberally and at the same time keeping ridges and trowel imperfections out as much as possible.

Allow this coat to dry fully over night.

Step 2:

Apply second coat of colored product and this time it will be applied using less material than in the previous step and again keeping ridges and trowel imperfections to a minimum.

When this coat is about 50% dry it is necessary to begin with the final coat.

The process here will be to press in some more product where ever it will go in order to make a uniform smooth finish.

If you want a polished finish ,after about each square meter it will be necessary to fall back and begin to burnish, sometimes another applicator will best be suited to carry out this process only.

If you want a finish that will be mat or semi-polished it will be necessary to allow this coat to dry a little before beginning the burnishing process.

Allow this coat to fully dry over night.

Step 4:

Apply a coating of either Liquid Beeswax or Marseille Soap Paste sealer.

Important Information - Please Note

Please note that we no longer provide Venetian stucco products or finishes to the general public due to a very busy schedule with our own work. We will however continue to supply to our existing customers and clients from our Venetian Stucco New York depot.

Booklets of a selection of our popular samples are available to Architects and Interior Designers upon request.