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Surface Preparation

Surface preparation notes tricks and tips to help obtain the best possible results from your applications.

Doing this step correctly will help eliminate the possibilities of unwanted errors showing through the finished application. Also the drywall joints should be checked, be they new or old walls and especially the end or "butt" joints.

This step is as important as the application itself, the Wall Primers as this is the bond between the old surface and new material to be applied.

If your walls are old stucco walls then these should be treated in a different manner. Because you are putting an expensive stucco product on these walls greater care will have to be given to them.

Important Information - Please Note

Please note that we no longer provide Venetian stucco products or finishes to the general public due to a very busy schedule with our own work. We will however continue to supply to our existing customers and clients from our Venetian Stucco New York depot.

Booklets of a selection of our popular samples are available to Architects and Interior Designers upon request.