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Liquid Beeswax

Liquid beeswax sealer and wax topcoat for lime based products and finishes in an easy to apply solution usually applied by sponge or brush.

A water based liquid beeswax solution for dirt and dust as opposed to moisture, also for the Veiled finish on the pitted Terra Grosso.

Application Of Liquid Beeswax:

When finish has dried over night or two days you can begin with the liquid beeswax application. Follow the same pattern as when applying the stucco from left to right, top to bottom covering about 8-9 square feet at a time. You must work the liquid beeswax solution into the surface and wipe any excess fluid off when no more will penetrate the surface. Move on to the next section. Allow it to dry fully again preferably over night and then buff with soft batting or a clean soft cloth.

Color Washes:

Wax can also be used as a color wash by adding some pigments to the liquid beeswax. This can be very useful if a particular finish looks too wild on the surface. By adding some of the same colorant used in the finish to the beeswax it will calm everything down a little.

Also used for giving the Velato or Veiled look on top of our Terra Grosso and other finishes.


1qt will cover approximately 150sq'.

Packaging - Cost:

Available in 1qt size bottles - $30 + s/h.

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Important Information - Please Note

Please note that we no longer provide Venetian stucco products or finishes to the general public due to a very busy schedule with our own work. We will however continue to supply to our existing customers and clients from our Venetian Stucco New York depot.

Booklets of a selection of our popular samples are available to Architects and Interior Designers upon request.